• New design with Linux operation system, operating more flexible.
  • Apply 7” color touch screen, WYSIWYG.
  • All in one design, machine is in small size and flexible to suit different production lines.
  • Based on micro piezo technology, CYCJET ALT300 portable inkjet printer provides high-quality, high efficiency, low cost and easy operating inkjet printing system all the time.
  • Multi Language switch operation system, Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Korea.
  • All machine is in easy design, no quick-wear parts, low failure rate.
  • It can print both bold and dot matrix fonts.
  • More than 20 different fonts can be chosen. The special anti-counterfeit font meets the requirement of prevent from faking
  • All stainless-steel cover designs. The print head protection design prevents the print head from damages caused by scratching and collision.

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