CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution Inkjet Printer

CE certification; Desktop type portable makring system; 4.3inch color touch screen; Low running cost; Mutli-line printing; High-resolution.

Main feature:

Completely out of the PC editing, large color touch screen, like the phone as easy to edit the text.

·WYSIWYG that printing information, built-in mass font; dot-matrix fonts, horizontal strip font, vertical stripe fonts, bold fonts, character height and font size can be free adjustment, the unique security fonts to meet multi-demand.

·Humanity structural design, reasonable weight, it is can not easy to tired when long-term operation.

·Unique wheel design, flexible printing on difference shape and surface.

·Whole close for Cartridges and ink system, replace cartridge convenient.

Selling Points:

* Special for mini products like small parts, bottles, cans, etc.

* Position precisly

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