The application and development of portable inkjet printer technology. Today's application of marking technology is gradually going deep into every corner, especially in industrial products. The application range of the Portable Inkjet Printer is more and more extensive, and the complexity of the application is greatly increased, making the marking become the quality of production in various industries. An indispensable and important part of management. The main reasons why manufacturers carry out logistics identification on their products are as follows:Portable Inkjet Printer

  1. Conducive to product identification - By marking special logos, brand names and trademark patterns on products, products can stand out from the competition and increase brand awareness.
  2. The need for product tracking records - The batch number, shift, serial number or production date of the product is directly printed on the product so that each product has a good traceability, which greatly facilitates the quality management of the enterprise and the regional management of product sales.
  3. Prevent counterfeiting - Manufacturers can often prevent and suppress counterfeiting through product identification. The application of new technologies such as printing random codes and bar codes enables legitimate manufacturers to stay ahead of counterfeiters.Portable Inkjet Printer Applications
  4. Increase the added value of products - Marking the trademark or the name of the manufacturer on the product means a promise. Consumers usually think that this is a product of a company that has relatively complete quality tracking and is responsible for product quality.
The development trend of inkjet technology and its application effect chart:
  1. High-definition printing to improve printing quality.
  2. Improve printing reliability and speed, reduce printing costs and manual maintenance workload.
  3. Match with the enterprise information management system to realize the PC.