How to Optimize Supply Chain of Handjet Printer During Special Period?

Abstract: Located at Shanghai China with 18 years of industry experience, CYCJET are committed to R &D coding technology and equipment production, and produced new DOD hand – held inkjet machine to compatible with EBS260 Handjet markets.

I.Why develop & Manufacture CYCJET DOD Large Character Handheld Inkjet Printer?

It is well known that EBS is the world’s most professional DOD handheld inkjet printer manufacturer for EBS250 & EBS260 Handjet Printer. However, with the development of markets, EBS’s market sales & after-sales service problems become more and more serious, there are more and more complaints from EBS agents and end users. In view of these problems, CYCJET’s R&D team has been thinking that we have well-experience, R&D and technical capabilities, can be produce a new DOD handjet printer to help partners and customers solve the EBS company’s supply cycle long, high agency prices and chaotic market management. The new machine can not only surpass the functions of EBS handheld inkjet printers, cover more market applications, but also help CYCJET partners to bring high profits, and also help end users to improve the use value and reduce the running cost. Based on this positioning, CYCJET has produced ALT160plus—16 dot handheld ink jet printer and ALT260plus—32 dot handjet printer.

II. Difference between CYCJET Handjet and EBS Handjet:

Printing HeightMax 27mmMax 62mmMax 57mm3 models with different font height,               Max 62mm,          Max 80mm,               Max 124mm
Printing ContentsLetters, numbers, simple signsLetters, numbers, simple signsLetters, numbers, signs, simple logos, qrcode, barcodeLetters, numbers, signs, simple logos
SoftwareEBS OWN softwareBased on CYCJET Android, more flexibleEBS OWN softwareBased on CYCJET Android, more flexible
Operation InterfacePC Software3.5″ Color Touch Screen & PC Software,

Russia Language

Color touch screen3.5″ Color Touch Screen & PC software, Russia Language
Data TransferUSB BluetoothUSB, Bluetooth, WifiUSB, Bluetooth, WifiUSB, Bluetooth, Wifi

Technical Parameter:

Font size: Max 60mm, 80mm, 120mm, three different printing size models can be choosed;
Ink Type: Solvent-base/Water-base;
Ink color: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow;
Print content: Logo, graphics, Symbol, Text, Date and batch number;
Interface: The body has a color touch screen, which can be edited directly on the printer, no need connect PC;
Multi-Software: PC software synchronous operation;
Expand functionality: Can transmit data directly through Bluetooth scanner;
Real-time access to barcode content and accurate printing;
Wifi function: Remote interconnection through WIFI, realize a large number of dynamic data transmission printing.
Language: Multi Language menu and font printing;
New Weight: 500g (62mm type).


CYCJET ALT260plus DOD Hand Printer Features:

CYCJET ALT260Plus DOD inkjet printer, which is designed as large character inkjet printer, it can print max 62mm font size. Total machine body with integrated design of engineering plastic mould to decrease the whole machine weight, to meet long-term printing work.

ALT260Plus large dot inkjet printer is in easy design, no need special profession, and every worker can use it without any difficulty. This handheld inkjet printer requests zero maintenance, decrease running cost for customers. What’s more, the new model can also print logo, signal, sign, etc.

CYCJET ALT260plus DOD Hand Printer Application:

CYCJET ALT260Plus is widely used in building material like concrete, steel roofing sheet, rail way slide, steel structure, steel pipes & tubes, etc.

CYCJET ALT260Plus DOD inkjet printer, as a new intelligent identification handjet printer for heavy, large and irregular products, can provide intelligent, digital, and visualized innovative identification solutions for traditional manufacturing concrete and cement products, and promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

CYCJET is a brand name of Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 18 years of experience for R &D different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, industrial coding marking solution in Shanghai China.

Contact Person: David Guo
Telephone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008
MOB:+86-139 1763 1707(WhatsApp)

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