CYCJET ALT500UV High-resolution Inkjet Printer

Handheld Inkjet Printer

ALT382 handheld coding system

Powerful and easy to operation

·Completely out of the PC editing, large color touch screen, like the phone as easy to edit the text.。

·WYSIWYG that  printing information, built-in mass  font; dot-matrix fonts, horizontal strip font, vertical stripe fonts, bold fonts, character height and font size can be free adjustment, the unique security fonts to meet multi-demand。

·Humanity structural design, reasonable weight, it is can not easy to tired when long-term operation.

·Unique wheel design, flexible printing on difference shape and surface.

·Whole close for Cartridges and ink system, replace cartridge convenient.

Application scope

Variety colors ink, non-contact printing on different products surface, coding clear and beautiful, and strong adhesion.

ALT series portable ink jet printer widespread using in Chemical, Building material, steel tube, beverage, Food, Pipe, cable, auto parts, cosmetic, medicament, rubber, post office.

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