Why are More and More Aluminum Factories Choosing Laser Marking Machines for Marking?

As a common metal material in our life, aluminum is widely used in various fields, there are many marking methods in the past, such as ink spraying, silk screen printing, etc. few people know that fiber laser printer can also be applied to aluminum materials.With the popularization and application of QR codes, more and more manufacturers want to mark QR codes on aluminum materials.

First of all, the fiber laser marking machine can quickly mark the surface of the aluminum material, and the marking quality is high. Using laser marking technology, it can quickly and accurately mark two-dimensional codes or other marks on the surface of aluminum materials, and the marks are of high quality.Compared with traditional mechanical scoring methods, laser marking machines do not make any physical contact, so they will not damage the aluminum surface. Moreover, the laser marking machine has the characteristics of high precision and high stability, the content and pattern of the logo are very clear, not easy to wear, and can be stored for a long time.

Secondly, laser marking equipment has a wide range of applications for marking two-dimensional codes on aluminum materials. In modern industrial production, marking is a very important link. Using laser marking equipment technology, information such as two-dimensional codes, barcodes, production dates, product serial numbers, etc. can be printed on the surface of aluminum materials to facilitate product traceability and management.In addition, laser marking machines can also print information such as corporate LOGO and product models on aluminum materials, which not only facilitates product differentiation, but also enhances the brand image of products.

Then, the use of laser marking machines also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly. Traditional aluminum marking methods require the use of chemical fluids or other corrosive substances, and produce a large amount of waste fluid and gas.The use of laser marking technology avoids these environmental pollution problems, does not produce any waste and waste gas, and meets environmental protection requirements.

In short, the laser coding machine has the advantages of fast marking, high quality, wide application and environmental protection when marking two-dimensional codes on aluminum materials. With the development of industrial production, the application of laser marking technology in the field of aluminum material marking will become more and more extensive.

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