The working principle and characteristics of UV inkjet printer

Inkjet printing machine is an automatic inkjet equipment used in the product packaging industry. Its working principle is to use high-pressure flying ink nozzles, spray UV ink onto the surface of the product to form high-definition, durable, and anti-counterfeit coding information.The UV inkjet printer adopts ultraviolet curing technology. After the ink is ejected, it is immediately irradiated by ultraviolet light, so that the photosensitizer in the ink is quickly cured to form a hard, waterproof, and scratch-resistant inkjet pattern. This coding method can not only be applied to packaging of various materials, but also realize continuous coding in a high-speed production environment and improve production efficiency.UV inkjet printer has the advantages of fast printing speed, high precision, wide applicability, environmental protection and energy saving, and has become one of the indispensable marking equipment in the modern packaging industry.

Application range of UV inkjet printer

Inkjet coding machine is a high-precision, high-speed inkjet equipment that can spray different patterns, text, barcodes and other information on the surface of various materials, including plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, paper, etc. The application range of UV inkjet printer is very wide. The following are several common application scenarios:

UV inkjet printer

1. Packaging industry: In the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries, it is necessary to spray codes on the product packaging, marking the production date, batch number, barcode and other information for management and traceability.

2. Electronics industry: During the manufacturing and assembly process of electronic products, it is necessary to identify various components and products for tracking and management.

3. Printing industry: high-resolution inkjet printers can print various patterns, characters, barcodes and other information on paper, plastic films and other materials to make various labels, stickers, packaging bags, etc.

Inkjet printing machine

4. Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, it is necessary to spray codes on drug bottles, drug boxes, etc., and mark the drug batch number, production date and other information to ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

In short, online inkjet printer is a very important inkjet equipment, which is widely used in various industries and provides important support for product management and traceability.

High-resolution inkjet printer

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