The Use and Industry Application of Small Character Inkjet Printer

The use of the small character inkjet printer is not only beneficial to product identification, but also helps the needs of product tracking records. Manufacturers can often prevent and restrain counterfeiting by marking products, and the application of new technologies enables those legitimate manufacturers to always be ahead of counterfeiters. Increase the added value of products. Improve production marking efficiency and reduce production costs.

In which industries can small character inkjet printers be applied?

1. Food and beverage industry:

The CJJ inkjet printer is used to spray codes on the outer packaging of food and beverages, including some QR codes, bar codes, production dates, product batch numbers, etc. In food factories, beverages, and mineral water factories, small character inkjet printers are still the mainstream inkjet marking equipment.

2. Daily necessities industry:

The industrial inkjet printer prints the production date, product batch number, etc. The ink drying speed of the small character inkjet printer is faster, the printing distance is longer, and the applicable material is wide, so it also has a place in the field of daily necessities.

3. Electronic industry:

The coding and marking technology of electronic components is reflected in the fact that electronic components often require coding in a small space. In addition to the limitation of coding space, coding equipment for electronic components must provide clean, complex and durable high-resolution codes that remain unchanged throughout the production process, including ethanol cleaning.

4. Building materials and pipe industry:

The inkjet printing machine mainly prints the production date and product batch number on building materials and pipe products. According to the production characteristics of the pipe industry, the pipe inkjet printer is used and installed on the pipe production line, which can be carried out in conjunction with the rhythm of the production line. These are all parts of fully automatic production.Especially for some manufacturers with a high degree of automation, this configuration method is conducive to improving production efficiency. The inkjet printer performs a series of exquisite product marks during pipe production, which has a great effect on the production and circulation management of pipes, and also makes the inkjet printer more and more popular in the pipe industry.

5. Pharmaceutical industry:

Small character inkjet printers can print variable traceability QR codes, third-phase codes and batch numbers on pharmaceutical products. Meet the higher coding needs of the medical industry.

6. Wires and cables:

Inkjet printers are widely used in the wire and cable industry. They are suitable for printing factory names, logo numbers and other information on cable products of various specifications and sizes,while the small character inkjet printer meets the general marking requirements, it can also be used when the raw material is extruded or when various cables are wound, and the inkjet technology can be competent;whether it is high-speed printing on the assembly line or on an independent pallet, the inkjet printer can print at different angles at any time.

7. Packaging industry:

The logo produced by the small character inkjet printer is beautiful and clear, the area length is similar to that of ordinary printing, and it supports fully automatic production lines.For the current situation that small packaging products occupy an absolute position in the market, small character inkjet printers undoubtedly have a bright future.

Regarding the industry application of online inkjet printer, in addition to the above summary, it also includes aerospace, chemical industry, auto parts, etc., and the realized identification content includes production date, product batch number, validity period, shelf life, pattern, two-dimensional code, barcode and so on,the specific implementation plan needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the production line, and the detailed plan needs to be considered comprehensively based on factors such as marking content, speed, and location.

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