Small character inkjet printers are the most widely used marking equipment among all types of inkjet printers. Non-contact high-speed coding is used in many industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, food, daily chemicals, medicine, and building materials. It has made important contributions to the work of product identification. In the changing times, the editor will take you to see what innovations have been made in the characteristics and functions of small character inkjet printers.

1. The uniqueness of the small character inkjet printing machine is an important guarantee for its longevity.

With the popularization of laser marking applications, many old customers of CYCJET will ask us a question, that is, can our factory use laser machines to replace the original small character inkjet printers?

Under normal circumstances, simple application scenarios can be replaced, but in some special industry application scenarios, it is still impossible to replace, let us illustrate with examples below.

For example, the marking equipment used in cable factories is still dominated by small-character inkjet printers or micro-character inkjet printers. Depending on the thickness and speed of the cables, there will be differences in the configuration. Due to the particularity of the cable material, it is often impossible to use a laser machine to achieve high-contrast identification information. In terms of recognition effect, it is not as good as an inkjet printer.

For example, some photoelectric plants, 3C products, PCB circuit boards and other product manufacturing enterprises, if they use laser machine thermal ablation, it will damage the surface of the product, which may lead to abnormal product performance or quality. Specifically, according to the actual inkjet marking requirements, it is possible to make a targeted judgment on whether the CIJ inkjet printer can be replaced by a laser machine.

For example, in some food manufacturers, the product surface is not completely flat, and the product packaging materials are various. If it is replaced by a laser machine, some products will not be able to complete the coding work. For the factory, it is unacceptable, and it will be directly applied to the production and circulation of the product. For the small character inkjet printer, its strong adaptability is also an important reason for its long-term prosperity.

2. The use cost of industrial small character inkjet printers is decreasing year by year, which has also become a part of its competitiveness.

Different from the starting price of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan for laser motors, the starting price of small character inkjet printers with black ink is often more than doubled. For some factories that are not very strong, the cost of equipment procurement is also an important factor that cannot be ignored. In addition, the small character inkjet printer has richer case implementation experience, which can quickly prove its feasibility and usability to customers, and reduce unnecessary trial and error costs for customers.

Some brand owners, in order to improve product grades, will give up small character inkjet printers and use laser inkjet printers for product identification in some links. This phenomenon also exists.Overall, according to market research data analysis, the share of small character inkjet printers at this stage is still about 20% larger than that of laser machines.

Speaking of the cost of use, the laser machine is undoubtedly lower, and it can be used by plugging in the electricity, while the traditional inkjet printer not only needs a bottle of ink consumables, but also needs matching thinners and solvents. In a short period of time, it is necessary to carry out maintenance, clean the whole machine and replace the filter, which is also an increase in cost for the enterprise.

Under the update and iteration of inkjet printer products, equipment with lower consumption, more economical and more stable is gradually pushed into the market. How to reduce the comprehensive use cost has also become an important research topic for inkjet printer manufacturers, including later use and maintenance, Including consumables, maintenance, repairs and other costs will be taken into account.

To sum up, the characteristics and functions of small character inkjet printers have gradually become clear. In some usage scenarios, it is still necessary to use high-speed ink coding to complete. In the face of fierce market competition and industry status quo, how to break through and how to innovate will be the core development direction in the next three to five years. Including the R&D and upgrading of the software side, the integration with industrial intelligent manufacturing and the industrial Internet, the capability development at the level of data management, and the integration and customization of automation supporting equipment, all need to continuously meet the increasing needs of customers for identification.

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