The products traceability and anti-faking system is made up of the following several parts:

1. Enterprise data platform or database, which is an enterprise self-built platform, or a government information platform, relying on a third-party data platform or database.

2. Barcode and Qrcode printing system, which consists of the coded hardware like the high-resolution inkjet printer and software components, like the controller, to solve the problem of Qrcode printing and reading, associated box code, weight, such as industrial inkjet printer, scanning and reading equipment, and hardware parts such as industrial control platform.

3. Management and traceability system, which is the core software part of the QR code traceability system, and the data collection and remote information collection.

A brief overview of the product assignment management and traceability system consists of two major functions:

The first functional part is the product traceability system program software, which solves table management, product management, inbound and outbound management, PDA collection management, authority management, agent management, and anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting query control. The main hardware associated is scanner and vision. Identification system, data collector and terminal processor, industrial computer, etc.

The second function part is the product online real-time code system software, which solves the product “one product and one code” two-dimensional code production, real-time online printing two-dimensional code, online box code and weight generation and assignment, and data statistics and upload. Wait. The associated hardware devices mainly include two-dimensional code assignment devices (laser assignment devices, photo-curing code devices, ink printers, bar code printers, etc.), scanners, visual recognition devices, industrial control platforms, and the like.

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