Concrete Prefabricated Parts – DOD Large Character Inkjet Printer Track Inkjet Application

Sleepers are one of the components of railway construction. Wooden sleepers were the first to be used. The disadvantage is that the wood is large and easy to corrode, and its service life is relatively short, so it needs to be replaced frequently.With the continuous development of railway construction and the needs of high-speed and heavy-duty railways, prestressed concrete sleepers have replaced wooden sleepers due to their advantages of saving wood, long service life, good track quality, less maintenance work, and low cost.

At the same time, in order to strengthen the effective management of sleepers, it is necessary to mark the QR code + batch number/serial number, etc. on the surface of the concrete sleeper.Compared with other marking equipment, the DOD large character inkjet printer has very different advantages in terms of hardware and software, and has high ink adhesion, which can keep clean and tidy marking content outdoors for a long time. Portable handheld inkjet printer has two different application schemes according to the printing requirements of concrete sleepers.

Application direction of DOD large character inkjet printer:

1. Hand jet printer has a wide range of adaptability and is not limited by space and environment. During the construction of railway tracks,it can directly carry out manual coding, the body is small and exquisite, easy to carry, with touch screen operation, you can edit and adjust the content at will to code on the surface of the concrete sleeper.

The super endurance allows this manual coding machine to work outdoors for a long time, and the strong scalability can make the printing content more refined and error-free through WIFI, USB, Bluetooth and other external devices or docking systems, the innovative solenoid valve nozzle and ruby nozzle, in the face of different environments, there will be no nozzle wear, corrosion, clogging, etc., and every mark on the concrete sleeper can achieve the best effect.

2. According to the needs of railway construction, it is necessary to spray code on the concrete sleeper online during the production process,handheld inkjet printer has higher resolution and better smooth printing effect than ordinary large-character inkjet printers, and the machine is exquisitely designed, the all-metal nozzle is wear-resistant and durable, easy to install and fix at any position on the production line, and can complete the marking work in a dusty environment.

Compared with handheld inkjet printers, DOD large-character inkjet printers are less flexible and portable, but they can be used with movable devices such as robotic arms and gantry frames, realize mobile printing without manual operation, and can meet different industrial use environments.

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