Car Key Chain Laser Marking Machine Allows you to Quickly Identify Information

With the development of the laser industry, the marking technology of laser marking machines on items is becoming more and more mature. Today, I will briefly introduce the marking information technology of laser marking machines on car keychains.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families have purchased cars. Some customers not only have higher requirements for the appearance of the car body, but also have higher requirements for car keys. Car license plate key chains are generally of the metal type. The laser coding machine uses a laser beam to mark the surface of the keychain for a long time. The laser marking machine uses laser processing as a means, and there is no processing force between it and the workpiece, and there will be no contact with the car keychain, only the selected area is accurately engraved, because there will be no parallelism when marking.

Because of its high-precision marking and less thermal impact on the marking range of the product, the effect after laser engraving is guaranteed. At the same time, the space control and time control of the laser are very good, and the freedom of the material, shape, size and processing environment of the processing object is very large, and it is especially suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing.

The advantages of laser marking for automotive parts are: fast, programmable, non-contact, and durable. Fiber laser printer is widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as automobile parts, engines, label paper (flexible labels) and many other positions can be marked. Barcodes and QR codes marked with lasers are usually used to trace auto parts. When auto parts are damaged and need to be returned to the factory for repair, you can quickly know which equipment link it is by scanning the bar code.

Today I talked about the advantages of laser marking machine marking on the car key chain, so there must be netizens who are more concerned about its price. Generally speaking, the price of a laser marking machine depends on the power of the laser equipment, the brand of the laser, and the configuration of the laser marking machine. It is recommended that buyers go to the laser marking machine manufacturer to make a trial sample of the product. In this way, we can further understand the manufacturer’s technology and equipment production, and can also help you find more suitable laser equipment.

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