Laser printers use laser beams to permanently mark the surfaces of various materials. Laser marking machines are often used in occasions that require finer details and higher precision. What are the common types of laser marking machines?

1.Fiber laser marking machine:

Fiber laser coding equipment adopts advanced solid-state fiber laser, with stable output power, good beam quality, fast marking speed, good effect, high efficiency and low energy consumption. It is one of the advanced laser marking equipment.

Main application range: It is suitable for marking and engraving of various metal materials and some opaque non-metal materials.

1. Electronics and communication products, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories and electrical appliances;

2. Various precision parts, automobile and mechanical accessories, hardware tools, instruments, aerospace devices;

3. Jewelry, clocks, gifts, office supplies, trademarks signs, sanitary ware;

4. Tableware, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, and many other areas of graphic and text marking, as well as mass production line operations.

2. CO2 laser marking machine.

CO2 laser printer can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials. It can print graphics, pictures, numbers, letters, barcode QR codes, automatic serial numbers, etc., and can also formulate automatic co-installation. Widely used in craft gifts, furniture, leather clothing, advertising signs, model making, food and drug packaging, glasses, buttons, crystal, label paper, glass, ceramics, bamboo and wood products, jade, emerald, packaging and printing, clothing embroidery shoes, model, product logo, serial number, etc.

3. UV laser marking machine.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine integrates the international advanced technology, and the high-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials, so that the molecules are separated from the object. This method does not generate high heat, the ultraviolet laser focus spot is extremely small, and the processing has almost no thermal influence, so it is called cold processing, so it is suitable for ultra-fine marking and engraving of special materials.

Scope of application:

1. High-end market for ultra-fine processing, cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials packaging surface marking, the effect is fine, the mark is clear and firm, better than inkjet coding and pollution-free;

2. Flexible PCB board marking and scribing;

3. Silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing;

4. LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface marking, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, construction materials, etc.

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