Application of UV Inkjet Printer in Tag Label Printing Production Line

Nowadays, the printing requirements of hang tags and labels are very high, such as the quality of materials: the raw materials of clothing hang tags must meet environmental protection standards, must not contain pollutants, have high strength, and have good water resistance.Another example is the appearance quality: the printing of clothing tags requires bright colors, clear fonts, and the size and shape must meet the requirements.In fact, the degree of integration: the garment tag processing process is complete without obvious splicing traces; the cutting corners, folding pages, etc. are finely processed, and there is no damage.

Therefore, the UV inkjet printer adopts ultraviolet curing ink technology, which can perform high-quality printing on label paper of different materials, especially in the tag label printing production line, no plate making is required, the printing speed is fast, the printing effect is clear, and it is environmentally friendly, so it is favored by label manufacturers.

The application of inkjet printing machines in label production lines has many advantages. First of all, it can print on different kinds of label paper, such as film, PVC, PET, etc., and the degree of color reduction is also very high.

Secondly, the inkjet coding machine can print quickly, up to dozens of labels per minute, which greatly improves production efficiency.In addition, UV-curable ink technology can also make the label paper more durable, enhancing the waterproof and durable performance of the label.

Of course, the application of large character inkjet printers in label production lines also requires some attention. First of all, operators need sufficient experience and skills to correctly use inkjet printing to complete label production.

Secondly, online inkjet printers need to be kept clean and maintained to ensure printing quality and continuous and stable production capacity. Finally, label manufacturers need to choose the appropriate ink and label material in order to achieve the best printing effect and production efficiency.

To sum up, the application of high-speed inkjet printers in the tag label printing production line has huge advantages. With the continuous demand for high-quality labels in the market, UV inkjet printers will play a more important role.

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