Application of Small Character Inkjet Printer in Food Packaging Industry

In the food packaging industry, the quality and safety of packaging is crucial to ensuring product quality. Inkjet printers play an important role in the packaging process, and packaging of different materials requires different types of inkjet printers.

Primary packaging is usually in direct contact with food, and its material has a direct impact on product quality and safety. The following are common primary packaging materials:

1. Paper packaging:

Paper packaging is commonly found in the packaging of foods such as flour, rice and cereals. Paper packaging requires clear and durable coding to ensure readability and long-term retention of product information.

2. Plastic packaging:

Plastic packaging is widely used in oil drum packaging, which has good air tightness and durability. For plastic packaging, the inkjet printer needs to have the characteristics of high-speed inkjet coding and strong adaptability to meet the challenges of smooth and easily deformed surfaces.For the coding of plastic oil drums in primary packaging, CYCJET recommends the use of laser coding machines, which can achieve high-quality coding effects on high-speed production lines. For other rice, noodles, eggs, etc., CYCJET recommends using the B3020 small character inkjet printer.

Whereas, secondary packaging is the outer packaging that wraps around the primary packaging and is designed to protect the product from the external environment and potential damage. The following are common secondary packaging materials:

1. Carton packaging:

As a common material for secondary packaging, cartons are used to contain and protect primary packaging.

2. Metal packaging:

Commonly found on products such as canned food, metal packaging provides superior protection and aesthetics.For secondary packaging products, you can choose CYCJETB3020 inkjet printing machine, which can realize high-definition inkjet coding on various materials.

Advantages of CYCJET small character inkjet printer:

1. Coding clarity:

Using high-resolution coding technology, it can achieve clear and easy-to-read coding effects on different types of packaging materials.Whether it is paper packaging, plastic packaging or metal packaging, the inkjet printer can accurately print product information to ensure that the font is clearly visible and not easy to fade. This clear coding helps consumers to accurately identify and differentiate products, improving product quality and reliability perception.

2. Anti-smuggling ability:

The B3020 online inkjet printer has the function of anti-smuggling, which provides additional protection for the food industry. Individualized product identification can be realized, such as date code, batch number, bar code, etc.These marks can trace the production and circulation of products, effectively prevent counterfeit and shoddy products from entering the market, and ensure that consumers can buy genuine products.

3. Diverse coding functions:

B3020 industrial inkjet printer can be customized according to customer needs and application scenarios. For example, the inkjet printer can realize functions such as multi-line encoding, variable data inkjet, and image inkjet.

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