Application of Small Character Inkjet Printer in Daily Chemical Industry

The daily chemical industry is an industry that has developed rapidly since my country’s reform and opening up, and it is also an industry with relatively large market competition. Today, with the rapid development of the times, there are many domestic and foreign brand products in my country’s daily chemical industry, and consumers’ choices have become diverse.

Especially in recent years, my country’s economic growth, people’s consumption needs, and consumption concepts have also changed, and consumption upgrades are also constantly spreading to various fields and industries. People’s consumption concept has changed from “just use what you can” to “pursue quality and individuality”.This requires brands to keep up with the development of the times, actively adapt to the environment, and make changes. Such as: using CIJ inkjet printer equipment to produce more exquisite, more personalized product packaging that better meets consumer needs.

As we all know, reasonable packaging can not only increase the added value of products, but also promote brand promotion and maintain brand image.In daily life, there are graphics, variable QR codes, barcodes, product standard codes, manufacturer addresses, brand logos and other information on the packaging of our common daily chemical products, moreover, the daily chemical products have special shapes and various packaging methods and types, this requires the selected coding equipment to be suitable for any material of daily chemical products and to easily print on its surface, and the printing is beautiful and generous.

The online inkjet printer is an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe inkjet equipment. It can assign codes on various materials, and adopts a non-contact working method. It can complete the assignment without direct contact with objects, avoiding secondary pollution.

In practical applications, the small character inkjet printer has fast coding speed, good effect, high degree of color reproduction, and strong operation stability. It can be customized according to customer needs.

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