Laser coding machine

From clear to amber to green and other quality-enhancing colors, glass bottles for beverages are constantly evolving. New beverage glass bottle requirements and packaging lines can determine your choice of marking technology, but encoding quality and content requirements are also factors to consider when making your choice. Laser marking machines provide clear, durable coding on virtually any color or type of glass bottle.

As people’s living standards continue to improve, consumers’ awareness of anti-counterfeiting of the products they purchase is gradually increasing, and their labeling and requirements for product information are also getting higher and higher, the government and relevant departments have also continuously introduced new laws and regulations, which have been strictly regulated and managed.

Laser coding machine

However, with the development of science and technology, laser marking technology has emerged. Compared with traditional marking processes, CO2 laser marking machines have obvious advantages:

1. Its marking speed is beyond the reach of traditional marking processes, which greatly improves processing efficiency.

2. The patterns and words marked by the laser marking machine are clear and will not wear out for a long time. The lines can even reach the order of millimeters to microns, and have strong anti-counterfeiting functions.

3. The laser marking equipment adopts a non-contact processing method, which minimizes the thermal impact and avoids deformation of the processed materials.

4. The laser coding machine has the advantages of no consumables, no environmental pollution, and one-time molding, which reduces production costs and environmental pollution risks for enterprises.

At present, with the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of automation level, the application of laser in the bottle and wine industry is gradually becoming more and more widespread, and its excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing traditional processing methods.

The flying laser marking machine has unique and superior performance and is very suitable for laser marking of glass bottles. Able to provide better identification quality with higher efficiency, it can provide clear and durable codes on almost any color or type of glass bottle. Designed for high-quality logos with virtually no font, coding, or graphic limitations.

CO2 laser marking machine

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