We can often see in our daily life that product-related information is printed on products such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, cables, medicines and cosmetics. When packaging the product, the product name or other information can also be seen on the product outer box, which are all used to print barcodes, patterns or texts using the relevant inkjet printer technology.

Small character inkjet printer, also known as continuous inkjet printer, has long been an evergreen tree in the inkjet printer industry. It is mainly used to print smaller characters, numbers and graphics on products. The unique dot matrix fonts are widely used in beverage, food and other industries.

The carton inkjet printer, as the name suggests, is used to print large characters, numbers and graphics on the outer packaging carton. The carton inkjet printer can improve the production efficiency and the clarity of the printed characters, thereby improving the quality of the product.

Compared with previous printing equipment and technologies, these two categories of non-contact continuous coding machine have at least the following eight common advantages:

1. The handwriting is clear and durable: computer controlled, accurately print out the required numbers, characters, patterns and barcodes.

2. High degree of automation: automatically realize the change of date, batch and number, and realize unmanned operation of the printing process.

3. Wide range of application fields: It can be matched with any production line, and can print trademarks on the surfaces of various materials and shapes such as plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, and metal.

4. Fast and convenient programming: The required information such as numbers, characters, patterns and lines can be input through a computer or editing machine, which is fast and convenient.

5. Adjustable character size: font width and height can be adjusted within a suitable range.

6. The number of printing lines is adjustable: the number of printing lines can be adjusted from 1 to 5 lines, and can be arbitrarily matched.

7. The printing speed is extremely fast: the fastest printing can be 800 characters/second or 120 meters/minute.

8. To meet special needs: inkjet printing with invisible ink to perfectly print invisible information or anti-counterfeiting identifiers on the product.

The CIJ inkjet printer and the large character carton inkjet printer are the results of computer and high-tech development. Its reliability is quite high, the software version is easy to upgrade, the cost of printing on the product once is very low, and it has very significant advantages. Therefore, small character inkjet printers and carton inkjet printers can be deeply loved by people in modern industry and are widely used in various industries.

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