You might think that labeling the outer boxes is an easy and convenient way, but you could be wrong. In fact, labeling still has many disadvantages: for example, labeling needs to purchase and store a large amount of label paper, which takes up space and costs; labeling also requires manual operation or special equipment, which is inefficient and prone to errors;The information on the label is fixed and cannot be customized according to different products and needs; the effect of the label is not beautiful and clear enough, and it is easy to fall off or be damaged.

So is there a better way to print information on cartons? of course there is, that is to use piezoelectric inkjet printers, piezoelectric inkjet printer is a high-resolution inkjet printer that uses piezoelectric crystals to produce tiny deformations to control ink droplet ejection. Nowadays, UV inkjet printers are mostly used in label inkjet printers.

The online inkjet printer has the following four advantages:

1. The high-definition large-format inkjet printer can directly print high-resolution text, graphics, barcodes and other information on the carton to ensure readability and accuracy, and it can be flexibly customized according to different products and needs without making and replacing labels in advance

2. Industrial inkjet printers have fast printing capabilities, can adapt to high-speed production lines, improve production efficiency and reduce downtime. In contrast, labeling requires manual or equipment operations, and the speed is slow and error-prone

3. Lower cost of consumables the cost of ink consumables used by large character inkjet printers is lower, and due to the precise control of ink droplets, there is less ink waste. At the same time, with the advancement of ink technology, the problem of ink selection has been greatly alleviated.

4. Consumables are environmentally friendly. Piezoelectric inkjet printers do not need to be heated when inkjet, and the ink will not undergo chemical changes due to heat, reduced environmental impact Piezo printers help our business reduce resource waste and reduce carbon emissions.

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