Portable handheld inkjet printer

In recent years, with the continuous tightening of product identification standards and the continuous development of the inkjet printer industry, the use of handjet printers to realize one code for each carton is becoming more and more common in industrial production, because the inkjet printer can realize one code for each carton, it is convenient, economical, fast and efficient, and has been widely praised by customers in various industries.The continuous upgrading of traditional inkjet printers and the in-depth development of laser printers have also made it easier to realize product identification, whether it is a digital barcode or an image QR code, it can be easily realized with a handheld inkjet printer.

Handheld inkjet printer

Under normal circumstances, the coding of products to realize one code for each carton is completed during the production of product packaging, or the inkjet printer equipment is directly installed into the production line of the product, the product identification and coding are completed during the production process, which not only ensures the production speed but does not increase the additional production process.In some special fields, such as cement products, boards and other relatively large items, it is often difficult to assign codes due to their large size, production environment and other factors. Therefore, when it comes to coding these products, handle inkjet printers are often used to code each item in the carton.

As a portable identification device, its basic functions are standard. Various types of content, including production date, expiration date, batch number, LOGO pattern, variable digital serial number, etc., can be directly edited through the touch screen of the handheld device, what you see is what you get, very convenient and intuitive, which is helpful for users to understand and use. Handjet printers have a relatively large market share and a large number of customer groups. One of the application characteristics of the handheld machine is that it is very flexible and lightweight. The entire printing process can be operated with one hand. It is also relatively simple to use. Just press the button and move quickly along the direction of the product that needs to be printed.

Handheld inkjet printers are often used in the food packaging industry, as well as in the processing and packaging processes of some production companies, to code and mark some cartons or pallets. Nowadays, the more popular barcodes and QR codes can be quickly printed using handheld coders. Portable handheld inkjet printers have better coding effects on many materials that are permeable or whose surface is easy to absorb ink. Its clarity and resolution will be higher, customer identification will be simpler, the font will be more beautiful, and the adhesion will be better. It will ensure the integrity of product coding and marking during the commodity circulation link and process, and will facilitate later traceability, anti-counterfeiting and marketing.

High-resolution handjet printer

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