A frozen food manufacturer in Hungary uses the labeling method for the outer box information. Due to the large amount of printed information, including LOGO, bar code and product information, and the cost of labeling is more expensive, in the factory renovation program, the labeling process is upgraded to use inkjet marking machine. The installation of the CYCJET C700 large character printer means that the manufacturer increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs.
Application Industry: Frozen Meat Products
Code substrate: EPS Foam Box

Code speed: 30 / min
Code information: text + LOGO + barcode
Printing Picture

About CYCJET CH7/C700 Large Character Inkjet printer

Reliability and quality

• Stable nozzle protection system ensures that the print head is always stable and helps to minimize downtime

• Print quality is maintained by the ReFRESH system, which keeps the nozzle system clean and stable for long periods of time

• High adhesion ink adheres to the porous and semi-porous surfaces of the carton. Printed barcodes are clearly visible even after extensive processing

• Common applications include packaging and large POS boxes

Reduce consumable costs

• No need to buy expensive labels or ribbons – no pre-printed boxes

• ReFRESH system runs at low cost – automates the use of ink, ensuring that every drop of ink is applied to the code

• Information size and content can be changed at any time – no longer waste labels and pre-printed boxes

Easy to use
• Large screen, easy to use color touch screen

• Information preview – check if the data to be printed is correct

• Print status – you can see at a glance whether the code is running correctly.

• Use ink cartridge to change ink, easy to operate, no confusion – no need to stop the running printer and refill

• Compact, easy to install unit

• Set different control permissions for different operating users

• Compatible with a variety of production line control and information creation software

• Master/Slave – up to four printers with a single controller and user interface

• Send messages and print tasks via Ethernet, USB, RS232

• Populate your information from an external database

• Closing the printer via USB, applying the same printer settings to different production lines

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