Application of CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld inkjet printer in the field of steel

CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld inkjet printer is an industrial-grade marking device that can solve marking problems in the steel industry. Steel is an indispensable material for construction, manufacturing and people’s lives in various countries. It has a wide range of applications and diversity. According to different cross-sectional shapes, it can usually be divided into four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products. The corresponding standards for different steel requirements will determine the relevant models, batch numbers, specifications, company information, etc. Then, due to different steel types, specifications, etc., you can use the CYCJET ALT160 PLUS DOD inkjet printer to mark in a simple mark. The convenient way. The following will introduce you the advantages of CYCJET ALT160 PLUS large character inkjet printer in the field of steel.

Regardless of performance or appearance, the CYCJET ALT160 PLUS portable printer has a strictly technical level. Stylish and compact design is easy to identify in any scene. Strong battery life can work continuously for 8 hours.
Faced with steel products with uneven or curved surfaces, the CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld inkjet printer is the ideal printing method. In addition to WiFi, Bluetooth and other connection methods, it is also equipped with a touch screen, you can freely edit content, font size and other spray adjustment printing parameters in order to obtain the best printing effect.
The working environment of steel is harsh. For printers, it is prone to failure in the face of high temperature and dust. CYCJET hand jet printer are different from other urban printer devices. The advantage of the CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld printer using the “solenoid valve nozzle” is that it does not block the nozzle. Combined with ruby nozzle, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It can still perform marking tasks stably in different harsh environments.

According to different steel standards, the CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld printer can be marked with high temperature resistance, high adhesion, UV resistance or other color inks, saving material costs and labor costs, the logo content is clear and beautiful, the font can be bold, and the character height can be based on Need to adjust the size (5-62mm), whether it is Chinese or English, numbers, graphics, there is no risk.
CYCJET ALT160 PLUS handheld printer can be connected with enterprise data management. Print dynamic data in real time to realize information visual marking. It can well meet the information needs of modern industry, and even leave room for future upgrades and expansions. Provide more complete identification applications for the steel industry.

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