Galvanizing is an economical and effective method of rust prevention compared to stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy plate added with trace elements, which is anti-corrosion and acid-resistant, while galvanized plate is a common plate, and the zinc will be slowly baked away at a high temperature of 200-300 degrees.Galvanized sheet is a welded steel sheet coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. It is often used in construction, home appliances, vehicles and ships, and container manufacturing industries. Galvanized sheet has been in mass production and used in industry and commerce for more than 200 years.

Galvanized sheet is widely used in today’s industrial production and construction fields, and is a steel surface treatment method with better performance and price.Galvanized sheet plays an inestimable and irreplaceable role in corrosion reduction and life extension, energy saving and material saving of steel. At the same time, coated steel is also a high value-added short-term product supported and prioritized by the state. At present, my country’s galvanized sheet industry has entered a new stage of high-speed and sustainable development.

At present, in the color-coated sheet and galvanized sheet industry, the most common marking content is meter, specification, factory name, production date, logo, etc. In the past, this industry used manual stamping or rolling codes to mark logos.However, manufacturers in the galvanized sheet industry often need to customize many different logos. If manual stamping and roller pressing are used for marking, it is necessary to frequently replace the stamp or change the template, and then make various stamps or engrave a lot of templates. Therefore, this traditional marking method will bring problems such as low efficiency, high operating costs, environmental protection, low resolution, and inconvenient replacement of logos.

With the improvement of customers’ requirements for product identification, especially for exported products, customers require clear product logos to be printed, and the requirements for meter counting accuracy have increased. The traditional marking methods are gradually unable to meet customer needs.The Yuchang CH702 UV inkjet printer can well solve the problems encountered in traditional marking methods, and can meet the needs of customers in the galvanized sheet industry to print 10cm or even 14cm large logos, and the resolution can be as high as 360DPI.

The CH702 high-resolution inkjet printer is widely used, and a variety of ink formulations are available to meet the requirements of strong adhesion and quick drying. Our inks are suitable for marking clear characters with strong adhesives on plastic, metal, glass, paper and wood. Widely used in chemical industry, automobile, electronics, food, beverage, building materials, daily necessities, rubber, ventilation and heating facilities and other industries.Galvanizing has become an important method of steel anti corrosion, not only because zinc can form a dense protective layer on the surface of steel, but also because zinc has a cathodic protection effect, when the galvanized layer is damaged, it can still prevent the corrosion of the ferrous base metal through cathodic protection.

The advantages of CH702UV inkjet printer are:

1. The CH702 inkjet printing machine adopts micro-dot technology, the line speed is 80m/min, the maximum printing height is 14cm, and it can print complex and smooth marks with high definition,such as characters, logos, pictures, one-dimensional codes, QR codes, etc., the adhesion is better than ordinary ink of other machines.

2. The keyboard of CH702 inkjet coding machine is easy to operate, no need to connect to PC anymore, built-in a variety of Chinese and English characters, with its own printing fonts, the font size and height can be adjusted at will.Special anti-counterfeiting fonts meet anti-counterfeiting requirements. Anti-counterfeiting is to avoid counterfeiting, reduce counterfeiting and counterfeiting, and assist customers to easily verify the authenticity of products.

3. The reliability of CH702 online inkjet printer is better than other products. IP55 protection level can be dustproof and waterproof, suitable for operation in various harsh industrial environments.Anti-clogging nozzles ensure long periods of trouble-free printer operation. The nozzle has multiple protections to prevent the printer from being damaged due to scratches and collisions.

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