Application and Advantages of Two-Dimensional Code Traceable Inkjet Printer in Various Industries

At present, the market potential of Inkjet Equipment is huge. More and more industries have begun to use two-dimensional codes to trace inkjet printers. The development trend of the industry has changed from the original code assignment to the quality and effect of the environment and markings. It meets the needs of deeper anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, marketing, and big data statistics.

The application of dynamic coding has also brought a second revolution to the coding and marking industry. Let some low-end, simple, and traditional marking equipment be eliminated, and new platforms and intelligent large-scale automatic inkjet printers have begun to rise. From data communication to variable coding, it is a manifestation of technological progress and changes in customer needs.

The use of two-dimensional code traceability Inkjet Printers to achieve product safety traceability technology has RFID wireless radio frequency technology. A logo with a chip is added to the product packaging, and relevant information can be automatically collected and read when the product enters and exits the warehouse and transportation.

The flow direction can be recorded on the chip; the second is a variable QR code, and consumers only need to scan the QR code with a smartphone to find relevant information about the product; there is also a bar code plus product batch information (such as production date, production time, batch number, etc.).

The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system is a two-dimensional code electronic application service system developed based on market application requirements such as product anti-counterfeiting and verification. Design mature solutions for each link of product delivery, distribution and distribution channels, and use QR code recognition, mobile communication and other technologies to load codes with sales area, authenticity and other information.

For a long time, product identification has always been a problem that manufacturers need to face, whether it is simply coded to the model identification, or the change of QR code retrospective marketing, especially the food issue has always been a concern of the public, and incidents of social food issues frequently broke out.Consumers will be cautious when buying food. Based on one item, one code, consumers can scan the QR code to check the source information of the food, so that consumers will no longer have doubts about food safety.

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