What are the Breakthroughs in Laser Marking Technology in 5G Mobile Phones

With the development of laser printer, the application demand of 5G mobile phone market is gradually replaced by laser marking equipment from the past technology. Laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high-environmental processing technology. It has the characteristics of non-contact engraving, no deformation of the work piece, high engraving precision, high definition, good permanence, and strong wear resistance.

While 5G mobile phones are inseparable from our lives, the laser marking process is also inseparable from various accessories on the mobile phone. The development of laser marking machines not only promotes the terminal demand for 5G technology, but also improves the efficiency of 5G mobile phone processing. Precision has put forward higher requirements and has become a high-quality choice for laser processing in the 5G era.

Many mobile phone brands have strict requirements in all aspects, as small as the power adapter, mobile power, and earphones are all marked with laser marking machines to achieve better results!

Moreover, the application of laser marking machine in the 5G mobile phone industry: high-performance fiber lasers can perform high-speed and high-precision laser marking, drilling and other laser micro-processing according to the design graphics of precision thin-walled metal equal-diameter tubes and special-shaped tubes, and can also perform small-format precision plane marking. The latter is high-speed, high-precision laser micro-machining equipment professionally applied to precision flat thin-walled instruments. It can process stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, lithium, magnesium aluminum alloy, ceramics and other common applications in 5G Flat material in the field of mobile phones.

What accessories on 5G mobile phones need to use laser marking machine.

1. Products such as chargers and batteries.

The laser marking machine can be used to mark LOGO, product information, including serial number, production date and batch number, barcode, QR code, etc.

2. Mobile phone light transmission button.

The light-transmitting keys made of silicone are highly sensitive to laser power. The pulse sequence of the general marking machine is unstable, which easily causes uneven marking and affects the light transmission effect. The end-pump structure is adopted, and pulse controllable technology is added to form a stable pulse sequence, and the light transmission color is more uniform.

3. Hardware decorative sheet and mobile phone case.

The laser coding machine can not only mark LOGO, product information the hardware decorative sheet and the shell, but also can make reticulated effect, wire drawing effect, etc., and the marked lines are finer and the patterns are more exquisite. In addition, the repetition frequency of the laser marking machine is higher, which can greatly improve the marking speed.

The application of 5G mobile phones in laser marking processing has undoubtedly opened a comprehensive new trend and promoted the continuous progress and development of marking technology. The breakthrough of laser printers marking technology in 5G mobile phones has gradually developed into a new trend, and has received widespread attention and rapid development.

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