The traditional inkjet printers move the product, but the nozzle of the inkjet printer does not move. But it is not applicable in some occasions, such as warehouse shipments, and the dealer code needs to be printed immediately. Large products, heavy products, such as large lubricating oil barrels, etc. cannot be used for mobile product coding, however, the handheld inkjet device has completely solved this problem. This handle inkjet printer is light and practical. Advanced synchronization device, it can ensure that the font can be printed evenly and beautifully regardless of the speed of the font moving.

The hand-held inkjet printer uses imported oil-based ink, which can be printed on a series of porous and semi-porous surfaces, including various papers, packaging, and wooden boards.The smart printer has many advantages such as multi-purpose, high definition, stable performance, fast printing speed, long service life, clear writing, low power consumption, and economical consumables.

When the product is loaded out of the warehouse, if it is not sprayed with the assigned area code, it is very easy to have cross-stocking. This is a headache for some large enterprises in the process of transporting products. The portable handheld inkjet printer is used to control the output of special characters through the operation platform to identify the location of product distribution, so as to achieve the function of preventing cross-selling.Ordinary inkjet printers are large in size and weight and cannot be moved. The products are produced in an assembly line during the printing process. However, for the sales products that have just left the warehouse, the sales area is different, and the delivery quantity is not uniform, not only inconvenient, but also inefficient.The emergence of handheld inkjet printers is undoubtedly good news for companies troubled by these problems. As the name suggests, the handheld inkjet printer can hold the nozzle with your hand, which changes the state of the ordinary inkjet printer’s cargo motor and realizes a breakthrough in the motorized cargo motion. The handheld inkjet printer is not only small, exquisite, and flexible to operate, the equipment can realize a complete set of movement, which facilitates the printing of transported products.

1. Small handheld nozzle device: There is a special mechanical device in the device that conforms to the principle of mechanics, and it is small and can be operated by hand, with flexible left and right movement, uniform force, and convenient use.

2. Stable speed synchronizer: Install a speed synchronizer inside the handjet printer to ensure uniform printing speed, no sliding, and good printing quality.

3. Movable power supply and air supply device: the battery and inverter power supply are used, and the handheld inkjet printer itself is equipped with a small air pump, this special design of power supply and air supply enables the handheld inkjet printer to overcome the use of AC power by ordinary largecharacter inkjet printers, cannot be moved, the disadvantage of dragging a long air source tube, can realize the whole set of movement.

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