Product Proofing is Very Important Before Purchasing an Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printer

Now all walks of life are inseparable from inkjet printers. The production date, batch number, shelf life, traceability QR code on the product packaging, as well as various types of wires and cables, pipes, plates, and metal accessories…you can see the active presence of inkjet printers everywhere.

Industrial inkjet printer

All major manufacturers will conduct product proofing before ordering inkjet printers, so that they can intuitively feel the effects of various inkjet printers on product packaging.

So, from what aspects should we consider the choice of inkjet printing machine?

1.The first thing to pay attention to is of course the printing effect.

The surface of food packaging is basically printed with the production date and product batch number. Small character inkjet printers and CO2 laser printers are widely used. The specific choice depends on your own needs.

Through proofing, we can choose the appropriate type. The small character inkjet printer is to print ink on the surface of the product. The equipment purchase cost is relatively low, but the original ink needs to be purchased, and the printed content can be erased with chemicals.

The CO2 laser inkjet printer burns on the surface of food packaging, leaving a permanent and clear mark. No consumables are produced during the process, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and the mark left cannot be tampered with and erased. The purchase cost is higher than that of CJJ character inkjet printers.

2. Adhesion of inkjet printer ink

Some inkjet printers use water-based ink, which is only suitable for printing on permeable materials, not suitable for printing on non-permeable materials. For example, it is suitable for printing on paper and wood, but not suitable for printing on plastics and metals.

There are also customer products that need to be frozen, high-temperature sterilization, etc. after coding, which requires the selection of special inks to meet different coding needs.

Therefore, before buying a printer, you can contact the manufacturer for a sample test, so that you can more intuitively feel the effects of various printer products.

3. Pre-sales and after-sales service

The most important thing is pre-sales and after-sales service. The timely service reflects the professionalism of an enterprise.

An excellent industrial inkjet printer manufacturer with a certain scale can provide door-to-door delivery, installation, commissioning, and training services free of charge, and has perfect after-sales protection, allowing customers to have no worries after purchasing product equipment.

Handheld inkjet printer

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