In the process of ensuring food quality and safety, food packaging is a very important part. The development of technology has made food packaging more diversified and personalized, and at the same time, its quality and safety have been effectively guaranteed. In the future, standardized, healthy and traceable food packaging will become a new trend in the development of the industry, which will also promote the development of laser coding equipment.

Today, per-packaged food accounts for an increasing proportion of the market. Packaging can not only protect food from external contamination and prolong the shelf life of food, but also show consumers the condition and production date of food, and protect the rights and interests of consumers and enterprises.

Among them, the coding equipment can print the content you want to mark on the commodity materials, and can print text, numbers, pictures, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, supervision codes, composite barcodes, garbled codes, databases to show consumers a better product image.

At present, the inkjet printers on the market can be divided into ink inkjet printers and non-ink inkjet printers according to the consumables used; in terms of working form, they can be divided into online inkjet printers and mobile inkjet printers.

Among them, the laser printer, which is a non-ink printer, has become one of the equipment with good development prospects in the food packaging industry. The laser marking machine uses a laser to focus on the surface of the marked object with a very high energy density, vaporizes the material on the surface through burning and etching, and burns a pattern on the package by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam or text.

Compared with inkjet coding equipment, the markings ejected by laser coding equipment can be retained for a long time, which can avoid blurring and artificial alteration, and can also reduce investment in ink and production costs.

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