Laser Marking Machine Realizes the Fashion Imprint of Engraving Stainless Steel Products

Nowadays, stainless steel laser marking equipment materials are developing rapidly. It is an indispensable engineering material in people’s processing and production. It has a wide range of uses, covering many aspects of production and processing today, and has become one of the indispensable materials in the laser marking machine industry.

Ordinary markers are coded, giving it an identity. On many stainless steel products and parts, it is necessary to mark some information, such as simple production date and batch number, and relatively high-precision barcode and QR code information.

Laser coding machine

Colored laser marking marks, stylish and beautiful. Color printing of stainless steel means that under the action of laser, the surface of stainless steel produces laser thermal effect. Mature laser can make the color of the material change its physical effect, react with the polymer in the oxygen environment, use high -energy and high -density laser beams to local exposure to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface material can be rapidly gasified or changes in color, which will expose deep substances, or cause traces of the chemical physical changes of the surface material, or It can burn some substances through light, showing the graphics and text that need to be carved, no matter what, on the stainless steel block, it presents a beautiful color pattern through the fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine

Laser coding machine, economical configuration, superior performance, reliable quality, high cost performance, digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, small size, fast speed, excellent stability, good spot quality, uniform optical power density, stable output optical power, fiber laser marking machine, has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, long service life, convenient operation, fine marking effect, etc., can ensure high marking of stainless steel materials, and inject new power into the current stainless steel manufacturing.As we all know, reasonable packaging can not only increase the added value of products, but also promote brand communication and maintain brand image.In daily life, the packaging of our common daily chemical products will have graphics, variable QR codes, barcodes, product standard codes, manufacturer addresses, brand logos and other information.moreover, the daily chemical products have a special shape and various packaging methods and types.

Laser marking equipment

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