Laser Marking Machine is One of The Important Equipment to Realize Stainless Steel Hardware Trademark LOGO Nameplate Marking

Fiber laser marking machine is one of the important equipment to realize stainless steel hardware trademark, LOGO, nameplate and other markings. Laser marking machines use high-energy lasers to heat materials instantaneously, causing chemical reactions or physical changes on the surface of materials to form specific marks.

Stainless steel is a difficult-to-machine material. Traditional processing methods such as cutting and grinding are difficult to achieve high-precision processing, and are prone to burrs and deformation. The laser marking machine can realize the precise processing of stainless steel, the marking will not produce burrs and deformation, and the processing speed is extremely fast, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Fiber laser printer

Laser coding machine has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, non-contact processing, etc. It can be used for marking various materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. In the fields of stainless steel hardware trademarks, LOGO, nameplates and other manufacturing fields, laser marking machines have become one of the indispensable equipment.

Laser coding machine

Although the price of the laser coding printer is more expensive than traditional equipment, whether it is a single line, an outline, or a filled font during the marking process, basically, as long as it can be expressed on the drawing, it can be achieved through the current laser equipment, copying it on the stainless steel material brings better products to customers and also gives rich display styles to stainless steel products, adding more excellent products to people’s production and life.

Laser coding printer

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