CYCJET is a professional manufacturing enterprise for large format coding machine. The contents of carton packaging often replaced with economic, simple and effective and efficient printing solutions. But don’t worry, find the reason, suit the remedy to the case.

There are many reasons for the replacement of the carton packaging and printing contents.

  • 1. Printing date change. The date on the package must be replaced, the reason is obvious, now the basic function of inkjet printer can be solved.

  • 2. Cartons of packaging, inkjet printing machine printing specifications, batch number and other content variability. Each manufacturer produces more than one product, but it is impossible for every product to have a packaging line, so the printing content often changes.

  • 3. Manufacturers more than one customer, each manufacturer inkjet printing content diversification, logo, information, and even may have bar code two-dimensional code. If the printing is directly printed, the inventory pressure is great, and if the information changes, all the inventory may be scrapped, waste huge.

  • 4. Traditional inkjet printer printing limit, ordinary inkjet printer printing high only 2 centimeters, a special point can reach 5 centimeters. Under spray printing format, the information content of spray printing is less. Above all, how to solve the problem of variable code printer manufacturers has become the focus of enterprise development direction of inkjet printer, because it can not only solve the practical problems in the production process of printing customers, also can bring huge benefits for printing enterprises.

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