Fiber Laser Marking Machine Engraves QR Code on Stainless Steel

In the pursuit of quality and efficiency, the traditional marking process can no longer meet the needs of mass production. Therefore, after a long period of research and development, the laser manufacturer has upgraded the fiber optic vision laser equipment on the basis of the standard laser marking equipment, it can realize the engraving of QR codes on large quantities of stainless steel.

Fiber laser marking machine is a combination of technology and craftsmanship. It uses advanced laser technology to accurately mark on the surface of stainless steel, whether it is complex patterns or fine text, it can be easily realized.

The fiber laser printer adopts more advanced laser technology and control system, and has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and efficiency. Compared with the traditional laser marking machine, the fiber laser marking machine has a stronger focusing ability when engraving two-dimensional codes, and can achieve smaller and finer marking effects.

In addition, the laser marking equipment also has a wider range of material adaptability and can be applied to different types of stainless steel surfaces. In addition to the application on stainless steel, it can also be engraved on food, pharmaceutical, electronics, automobile and other industries.

The non-traditional marking method is not only slow, but also has low precision. It is difficult to meet the production needs and requires a lot of labor to carry out cumbersome processing procedures. Later, it will be oxidized and faded due to long-term exposure to the air.Therefore, the stationary laser marking machine has become a great boost to the development of enterprises, helping many manufacturing industries to solve problems such as low production efficiency, high error rate, frequent rework, and long production cycle.

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