UV laser marking machine

In our production and life, black products occupy a lot of positions. Laser marking machines are equipment with clear markings. Many netizens are worried that all black products can be engraved. Because of their special materials, can they be engraved for a long time?Today, let’s learn with you whether laser equipment can mark black products.

Generally speaking, high-speed laser marking machines can engrave black products. The laser beam of the equipment can be focused on the surface of the material, and the black mark can be imprinted or engraved on the object through physical and chemical reactions.

For metal materials, flying laser marking machines mainly achieve black marking through oxidation, reduction, ablation and other methods. Under the irradiation of the laser beam, the oxide layer on the metal surface will change to form black oxide, leaving black marks.


UV laser marking machine

For non-metallic materials, such as plastics, rubber, etc., laser marking equipment mainly achieve black marking through carbonization, thermal discoloration, etc. Under the action of the laser beam, these materials will be carbonized due to high temperature, forming black marks.

In order to obtain better engraving effects, producers of black products will also consider the need for laser marking during the production process. For example, when selecting materials, materials with higher laser absorption rates and softer textures will be selected. In addition, pre-treatment will be performed on the product surface, such as applying special coatings or films to increase the laser absorption rate and reduce damage to the product.

Generally speaking, UV laser marking machines can engrave black products. However, to achieve this goal, many factors need to be taken into consideration, including the material, texture, surface condition of the product, and the performance parameters of the laser marking machine. In practical applications, it needs to be adjusted and optimized according to specific conditions to achieve better engraving effects.

Laser marking equipment

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