C700UV Inkjet Printer Realizes QR Code Traceability for Steel Pipe and Steel Plate

Steel pipes and steel plates are important basic raw materials in industrial production. Steel is produced by large steel plants, and in the course of decades of development, the production mode of steel plants has gradually changed from extensive production to intensive production, and from high energy consumption to green energy saving. Now with the development of digital technology, steel production enterprises are gradually transforming to digital production methods.

Digital management in the production process of iron and steel products needs to be solved by using two-dimensional codes. In the specific process, the steel enterprise customer orders a batch of products, the steel enterprise management system generates an order number, the management system sends the order number to the industrial coding equipment, and the industrial coding equipment generates a QR code according to the order number, and prints the QR code on the steel product.

By scanning the QR code in each link of production, the production progress is updated to the enterprise management system. After the production is completed, which warehouse it is sent to and which customer it is sent to, it can be updated to the enterprise management system through the QR code.

However, the QR code printing logo of steel usually encounters the following problems:

1. The ink sprayed on the surface of the steel pipe is easy to penetrate into the steel pipe, resulting in unclear printing effect;

2. The ink adhesion is poor, and the identification information is missing after friction and scratching.

In response to these problems, CYCJET has developed the C700UV series of large-format inkjet printers, which have been successfully applied in many steel pipe factories. The modular design of this series of inkjet printers is easy to install and integrate into the steel pipe production line. Constant pressure ink supply system and UV ink technology ensure the stability of the machine. After the inkjet printer prints the logo information, it is irradiated by a UV cold light immediately. The ink will dry immediately before it spreads, and will not penetrate into the steel pipe. Moreover, the UV technology is used, and the ink adhesion is greatly improved.

CYCJET provides communication interfaces such as RS232/Wifi/network port, which can be connected with various enterprise management systems, realize real-time information transmission and printing, and help the construction of enterprise information identification system. In addition to printing characters and icons, the machine can also print one-object-one-code two-dimensional codes, barcodes and other contents to achieve traceability management of enterprise products.

CYCJET inkjet printer has a printing resolution of up to 600DPI, which meets environmental protection requirements; imported industrial-grade printheads are stable and easy to maintain. In addition, the skilled automation design team can design the mechanical mechanism according to the actual needs of the customer, so as to help customers customize a set of time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and customized equipment.

CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 16 years of experience for R& D different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, and portable marking solution, High Resolution Printing solution in Shanghai China.

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