With the development and iteration of marking equipment, many new portable inkjet printers and laser marking machines have gradually appeared in our field of vision, but in the field of food packaging, CIJ inkjet printers have always occupied an important position.

CIJ inkjet printer

How does the small character inkjet printer deal with different types of food packaging?

First of all, it is a common bagged food. Many manufacturers will choose to spray code on the empty bag. After the code is completed, it will enter the next packaging process. The advantage is that it can spray codes in large quantities. If it is equipped with a high-speed paging machine, it can efficiently complete a large number of packaging bags in advance, which is suitable for food processing enterprises with many types of products.

Secondly, you can also choose an integrated packaging sealing machine, install the industrial inkjet printer next to it, and spray the code when the food packaging bag is sealed, the advantage of this is that it can save a manpower. The sealing process is essential in many food factories. The coding is performed at the same time as the sealing, which can simplify the process and integrate the coding.

Small character inkjet printer

Finally, there are some boxed and bottled foods. A common solution for small character inkjet printers is to integrate them at the production line and complete the coding work during the manufacturing and packaging process of the factory.

So, what are the functional advantages and characteristics of the inkjet printing machine?

Online inkjet machines are widely used in the food industry. It is characterized by fast printing speed, clear coding effect, dotted font structure, high recognition rate, clear and beautiful.

In terms of content, the number of printing lines is generally about 3 lines, including the common production date, shelf life, and validity period, etc., can be printed at the same time, and the actual printing height is about 1CM, and the effect is better.

In addition, it can also print some corporate LOGO, graphic logo and other content, and can also be used online to print variable data and complete product QR code printing, and the scanning recognition rate is relatively high.

Today’s inkjet marking equipment market competition is becoming more and more fierce. With the increase of inkjet printer brands in the market, the price range has also been further expanded. From domestic brands to imported brands, they have begun to develop mid-to-low-end marking equipment.For users, we should pay attention to the long warranty period of the inkjet printer, as well as the cost of later use, maintenance costs, ink solvents and other consumables.

Inkjet printing machine

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