With the continuous development of technology, laser printers are used more and more in our lives, and coding is very important for all fast-moving consumer goods. Laser coding machines are an excellent solution to meet the increasing needs of consumers.

With the improvement of consumer demand and level and the survival of the fittest in the beverage industry, a few industry giants serve the vast majority of consumers in my country, which means that large manufacturers are bound to continuously increase the speed of their production lines, and the speed of coding must be able to match the speed of the production line.

There are a variety of coding and marking systems that can be used in the beverage industry, so it is crucial to know which one best meets the production requirements. Of all the options available, the laser marking machine is known for its high stability and high coding speed by the majority of beverage manufacturers of all ages.

Advantages of laser coding machines in the beverage industry

In the beverage industry with high-speed production needs, the coding solution must not only be able to clearly and permanently code on the packaging materials, but also must be able to keep up with the production speed.In addition, it needs to be able to meet the coding content requirements from ordinary production date, batch number to more additional information;

Suitable laser marking machines are available for all kinds of packaging materials applicable to the beverage industry, from polyester plastics, tinplate cans to composite carton packaging, In addition, due to the development of the electronic industry and numerical control technology, laser coding machines can meet the coding needs without reducing the line speed, enabling manufacturers to focus on production needs without considering the coding speed.

In addition, manufacturers and retailers are using QR codes for marketing and branding, and consumers scan QR codes with their smartphones so that they can learn about current brand activities and offers,in this way, the coding system is endowed with the inevitable requirement of being able to perform QR code coding. However, laser is a coding technology that does not use consumables. With the increasing scale of beverage production, it is the only choice for beverage manufacturers to switch the existing coding technology to laser coding machines.

Laser coding machine software can basically realize instantaneous switching between different product coding information, at the same time, due to the high precision of laser marking, it is possible to print a two-dimensional code with high information content in a small area on the beverage sleeve label.

Diversified coding content also means that the laser coding machine must perform well enough to meet the demand. Therefore, the beverage industry needs a laser coding machine with fast scanning speed, excellent algorithm, and high power, so that it can print as many characters and QR codes as possible in a very short time. On the one hand, it meets the readability of coding, on the other hand, it meets the production line speed.

The cost performance of the current laser marking system is far lower than that of ink coding machines. In the past two years, the beverage industry will definitely set off a climax of laser coding instead of ink coding.Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. has various specifications of fly laser printer such as carbon dioxide, optical fiber, and ultraviolet. Welcome to inquire.

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