CYCJET Inkjet can print on many different material like paper, plastic, metal, fabric, cloth, concrete, wood, glass, ceremic, etc. Different ink supply to meet different material.
CYCJET high resolution inkjet printer can print not only numbers, letters, but also brand logo, signals, barcode, qrcode, as well as real date and time, serial number, group number, etc. Yes, it can print solid logo and qrcode, in high resolution.
CYCJET industrial inkjet printer with single printhead can print max 71mm height, and min font height is 2mm. CYCJET can assemble two or more printheads to get larger font size.
CYCJET portable inkjet printer can print multi-lines within the max printing height, jusy more lines printing, the font size will be smaller.
CYCJET piezo inkjet printer can storage more than 1000pcs printing information.
You can set password, then the worker can only do the printing job, they can not change the machine settings anmore.
CYCJET provides one year warranty to the inkjet printing machine. Any quality problms during the warranty, CYCJET will send spare parts freely. If the ink jet printer needs to repair, CYCJET will bear all the shipping fee also.
There is USB sticker with the machine and inside there is operation video to show you how to use the machine step by step. Also if you have any further problems, we can have online video chatting to give instructions.
CYCJET has black, white, blue, green, yellow, red ink.
No. As different color of ink has different chemical components. If you mix them, they will have chemical eastion then damage the printhead. Even you flush the ink system before change ink, you can not flush it fully.